About the Learning Salesforce Flow course

Our Learning Salesforce Flow online course is ideal for beginners or those who have tried and struggled with Flow Builder.

Follow the step-by-step exercises to build 23+ flows, covering every element and component available. We take you through with written, illustrated examples or watch the accompanying videos if you prefer.

There are also a number of mini-projects where you can apply what you have learnt to build some useful tools with flow.

While we cannot hope to solve every flow-related challenge you will encounter with Salesforce during this course, we will provide you with the skills to use these flow building blocks to solve these challenges yourself.

Price: US$20

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What to Expect in the Course

We start with simple flows:

Deal with loops:

Cater for errors in flows:

Validate input:

Include sub-flows:

Move to more complex examples:


We have projects to build:

Flow projects you can build yourself include the following:

Complete Topic List:

    • About Flow
    • Getting Started
    • Flow Types
    • Flow Elements
    • Flow Resources
    • Screen Flows
    • Get Records Element
    • Assignment Element
    • Action Element
    • Validating Input
    • Subflow Element
    • Decision Element
    • Pause Element
    • Loop Element
    • Create Records Element
    • Update Records Element
    • Delete Records Element
    • Debugging Flows
    • Projects to Build
    • Advanced Topics
    • Print your Certificate
    • APPENDIX 1: Extend Flow
    • APPENDIX 2: Other Tutorials and Videos
    • APPENDIX 3: Flow References


Clear Instructions

Clear, step-by-step instructions and screenshots are provided so you can follow along in your own developer org. As you advance through the topics, the instructions become less detailed as you start to apply your new skills and knowledge.


Video Walkthroughs

If you prefer to watch videos instead, we have you catered for too with walkthroughs on each of the exercises where you can follow along as you create a flow in your own developer org.

About your instructor

Your course instructor Daryl Moon (BComp Sci, Dip Ed) is a qualified teacher with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. His experience covers a diverse range of projects in the government and education sectors. With five Salesforce (5) certifications, two (2) accreditations and over 780 Trailhead badges, he knows what it takes to master the skills required to pass the official exams.

Daryl is a Salesforce Consultant in Brisbane, Australia as well as the author of all our courses and facilitator for Salesforce Administration courses with the University of Canberra.

Price: US$20

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