The third and final course in the admin certification stream digs deeper into the more complex features.

Territory Management, Forecasting, Advanced Security and Access, Auditing and Monitoring, Products, Price Books, Schedules and Quotes, Salesforce Knowledge, Support Agent Tools, Salesforce Communities, Duplicate Management, Change Management and Advanced Automation tools are the key topics covered.

Price: US$20

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Robert is Certified now:

22 Nov 2021

James via LinkedIn:

Where were you LAST YEAR WHEN I NEEDED YOU!! To all those considering the Adv. Admin certification - it is NOT an easy exam. You need all the support you can get. If these people want to make it easier on y'all to obtain the cert by lowering the price of their training - you'd be CRAZY to not take 'em up on it! This is a purely uncompensated, unasked for endorsement!

Jo is investing in her future:

Hi Daryl, I'm so thankful for CertifyCRM. I've invested in the Advanced Admin course and it's helping heaps. Just need to save up enough $$ to be able to sit the exam. Jo

Balbir via the Salesforce Success Community:

Balbir (Customer) Thank you Daryl, I registered on and it is so much resource to just right direction towards my certification. Truly appreciate it.

Manimala via Facebook:

What to Expect in the Course

Our course is arranged according to the official Exam Study Guide as published by Salesforce.

Each subject area in the official curriculum has a matching topic in our course. Each topic also has a percentage (%) alongside the name, indicating what percentage of the exam will contain questions about this topic. The higher the % the more important it is to master this topic. Our Advanced Administrator course has a total of ten (10) topics that match the official curriculum plus some bonus extras:

      • A Study Guide
      • Numerous Tutorials
      • All the Relevant Trailhead content
      • Videos
      • Salesforce References
      • A Real-Life Project
      • Exam Preparation

About your instructor

Your course instructor Daryl Moon (BComp Sci, Dip Ed) is a qualified teacher with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. His experience covers a diverse range of projects in the government and education sectors. With six (6) Salesforce certifications, two (2) accreditations and over 920 Trailhead badges, he knows what it takes to master the skills required to pass the official exams.

Daryl is a Salesforce Consultant in Brisbane, Australia; author of all our courses; facilitator for Salesforce Administration courses with the University of Canberra; guest blogger at Salesforce Ben; blogger at and blogger at KeyNode Solutions.

Price: US$20

A Broad Range of Resources

We provide a wide range of resources including 3rd party references, links to official Salesforce Help & Support documentation, links to Trailhead resources, developer documentation, blogs, videos and anything we can find that will help explain the content. We also try to provide a wide variety of media to suit different learning styles. (online manuals, tutorials, videos, etc).

Our Study Guide helps you stay on track

Follow our 12-week study guide to keep your study on track or study at your own pace. There is no rush, the course does not expire so you can go as quick or as slow as you desire. Some students have completed the course in just a couple of weeks!

Clear Instructions

Clear, step-by-step instructions and screenshots are provided so you can follow along in your own developer org. As you advance through the topics, the instructions become less detailed as you start to apply your new skills and knowledge.

A Real-Life Project

Our assessment project is the tool we use to help you get exam ready. Gone are the days of going over and over practice exam questions, trying to remember all those answers and hoping to strike it lucky when you sit the official exam.

At, we have taken a different approach.

We provide a practical project where we challenge you to prove your skills with a real-life project where you actually build a complete App from start to finish. Along the way are short five (5) question quizzes to test your progress. Just like the real world, you have a demanding client who wants more and more features added as the project progresses.

We have kept a close eye on the objectives from the official exam and made sure that we cover all of the knowledge and skills required to make sure you are fully prepared for the official exam.

Easy to Study

The project is broken down into stages or “days” so you can work on it one step at a time. For example, on Day 1 we create a new org for our project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can I study the online content?
A: All enrolments are for lifetime access, study as long as you like.

Q: I'm a new Salesforce Administrator, which course should I do first?
A: We recommend you start with the Administrator, then study App Builder and finally the Advanced Admin. These three are the recommended certifications for an Administrator and they follow a logical sequence. Once you finish those three, we recommend our Sales Cloud Consultant course.

Q. How much do the exams cost?
A. Each one of the official Salesforce exams cost US$200, you can do them online or in-person at an approved test centre.

Price: US$20

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